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Data Engineers and Data Scientists

We liked the work and have decided to expand our engagement.

We appreciate how even their founders are very engaged with their day-to-day workflow and the quality of their delivery. Overall, it’s been a positive experience working with them. We defined our goals clearly, all of which they’ve been able to execute. We’re most impressed by Yugen.ai’s approachability & innovative skills.

Ritesh Noronha, VP Engineering

San Francisco, California

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Together we can make sure the world thrives. Build future not Pipelines.

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How is the ML Platform Priced?

Pricing for Platform is quite nominal if you don’t opt for Managed Services. For Managed Services or Platform Integration, please get in touch with us.

How much time will it take to integrate the Platform in our cloud?

Platform will be integrated with your Cloud and ready to be used in less than 2 days

How can I become a Design Partner?

We will need active feedback from your team for all Platform functionalities. Our team will work closely with yours to provide an enhanced experience. By becoming a Design Partner, you will get early access to new releases such as LLM’s fine tuning and deployment. We can build custom features to support your specific needs.

Which cloud platforms are supported?

We support AWS and GCP. However, the Platform is flexible enough to integrate with Azure and Others clouds as well in less than 2 weeks.

We need custom features in the Platform. Will you be able to add those to the Platform?

Yes, we will be able to support your needs for custom functionalities if you become a Design Partner with Yugen’s Platform.

We don’t have a DS team. Does Yugen provide execution support?

Yes, Yugen has a strong team of Data Scientists and Engineers. We help our partners execute ML and Data Engineering projects while using ML Platform to unlock higher productivity.

Do you support LLMs?

Yes, we can support custom fine tuning and deployment of LLMs to meet your business goals for enhanced quality and higher precision.

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Together we can make sure the world thrives.

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