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Enabling small businesses and enterprises across diverse industries harness the potential of Machine Learning, fostering sustainable growth and enduring impact

Our Mission

Empower organizations and enterprises to expedite their voyage into the realm of Machine Learning, unveiling its true potential through an Engineering-centric, Impact-first methodology.

Yugen brings together a suite of Services and ML Products designed to cultivate a sustainable culture of Machine Learning in your teams, one that lays strong foundation, expedites experimentation, and fosters cost-effective MLOps, all converging towards creating lasting impact.

Experts from companies across the world

Our Leadership

Our Leadership team work seamlessly with our cusotmer’s team to support big ambitions, challenge preconceptions and amplify outcomes. Let’s advance together.

As a co-founder, I'm driven by the boundless possibilities of ML. It's not just about technology; it's about transforming businesses and amplifying their impact on the world. That's our mission.

Aayush Agrawal

Co-Founder Yugen.ai

Machine Learning is more than algorithms; it's a catalyst for innovation. At the core of our vision lies the belief that AI can empower companies to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Soumanta Das

Co-Founder Yugen.ai

ML reshapes industries, and our company leads that transformation. We're not just embracing change; we're pioneering it. Together, we bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and impactful solutions.

Kumar Sanjog

Co-Founder Yugen.ai

Our journey is marked by a commitment to excellence. With ML as our compass, we navigate uncharted territories, crafting success stories for companies, and steering them towards a future defined by data-driven impact.

Akshay Singh

Co-Founder Yugen.ai


As our company continues to grow and evolve, these values stay embedded in our DNA.

Synergistic Collaboration

We work with Executives, Engineers and PMs to establish a truly AI-enabled culture. We build strong client relationships & foster a culture of innovation.

Last Mile Delivery

All our promising models make it to production to face the true test of reality. Our highly talented team creates highly reliable, world-class systems

Faster Experimentation

Our test-and-learn approach is critical to taking calculated risks and creating impact & improving consistently

Build Trust

Our philosophy is woven with the goal of enlightening our partners about the potential of systems to drive impact. By consistently achieving short-term impact milestones, we cultivate assurance, bolstering enduring partnerships.

Our Presence

Yugen.ai is serving clients across the globe with its team operating from India and Singapore.


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