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Simultaneous adoption of Algorithms, Engineering, and AI will shape the future, and Yugen's vision is to be at the forefront of that trend.

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We Drive Outcomes

Anomaly Detection Framework Enabling Fraud Prevention In AdTech

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Recommender System to Improve Monetization for Ad-Tech Leader

How our Demand Forecasting Engine Helped a Retailer Prevent Stock-outs

How Personalized Recommendations Increased Sales For a Cosmetics Retailer

78% Of Machine Learning Projects Fail Due To Lack Of Strong Data Engineering Foundation and Solving Problems The Wrong Way

Engineering Foundation

Yugen's first priority is always to build a strong engineering foundation for the ML System to scale and adapt as effectively as possible.

Time to Impact

Focus on fast prototyping to production to realize impact much sooner and then do iterative improvement.

Cost Efficient MLOps

ML Systems often get over burdened by its own costs. Yugen follows highly optimized methods to reduce Data & Compute costs.

Tech Expertise

Built some of the best ML and Engineering solutions out there in the industry bringing in the expertise needed for you to scale fast.

Explore what we have to offer

Machine Learning Systems

Empowering growth through customized ML solutions: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, LLM, and more, tailored to address your business challenges.

Data Engineering

Unleashing scalability with robust engineering: From feature store to data pipeline, infrastructure and orchestrations, we ensure your systems thrive.

Business Intelligence

Visualize success: Our interactive dashboards and control tower empower stakeholders to track KPIs and drive business performance with data-driven insights.

Machine Learning Platform

Supercharge ML projects: Experience 10x speed with our data and ML platform, offering automated functionalities for feature store, infra setup, and model deployment and more.

What we do differently

We help organisations & enterprises accelerate their Data science journey & unlock it’s true potential by using an Engineering centric Impact first approach in Data science.

Deliver Impact and the rest will follow

Yugen is not just a typical consulting / services company. We act as partners in problem solving and companions in creating purposeful change. We’re very focused on creating impact, which is why we structure our engagement durations for 3-6 months. You place your trust in us and we keep delivering.

Purposeful Engineering

Everyone at Yugen is an engineer at heart. We derive higher levels of gratification when the systems we build reaches millions of users. And this is why, Engineering is never an afterthought in any of our deliverables.

ML Systems, Not just ML Models

We deliver scalable microservices and pipelines, not just presentations. To us, an ML System is akin to a museum - on the outside, a work of architectural magnificence and on the inside, a collection of artifacts that are of scientific and historical significance.

Fast Prototyping to Production

Yugen's method of working is to follow principles of fast deployment and continuous improvement. This makes sure we reduce time to impact and help you get returns from the solution much sooner.

99% of the Top Leaders in AI/ML trust Yugen.ai

We help organisations & enterprises accelerate their Data science journey & unlock it’s true potential by using an Engineering centric Impact first approach in Data science.


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Our Leadership team work seamlessly with our cusotmer's team to support big ambitions, challenge preconceptions and amplify outcomes. Let's advance together.

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As a co-founder, I'm driven by the boundless possibilities of ML. It's not just about technology; it's about transforming businesses and amplifying their impact on the world. That's our mission.

Aayush Agrawal

Co-Founder Yugen.ai

Machine Learning is more than algorithms; it's a catalyst for innovation. At the core of our vision lies the belief that AI can empower companies to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Soumanta Das

Co-Founder Yugen.ai

ML reshapes industries, and our company leads that transformation. We're not just embracing change; we're pioneering it. Together, we bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and impactful solutions.

Kumar Sanjog

Co-Founder Yugen.ai

Our journey is marked by a commitment to excellence. With ML as our compass, we navigate uncharted territories, crafting success stories for companies, and steering them towards a future defined by data-driven impact.

Akshay Singh

Co-Founder Yugen.ai

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